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1950 Chevrolet Bread Delivery Truck - Built just because

Bentley Shooting Break - Built just because
Pro Street Mustang - Built for customer

1929 Ford Model A coupe built as gift for local friend, combines 1/25 scale AMT '29 roadster and 1/24 scale Monogram '30 coupe - and much plastic surgery.

1982 Camaro Z-28 station wagon. The El Camaro's brother.

Custom Ford modified and built for customer.
(From the early days... built good models but took lousy photos)
Custom '50 Ford Tudor - roof lengthened, modified to replicate photos, built for local customer. Made from AMT '49 Ford Club Coupe.
(From the early days... )

Original 1950 Plymouth promotional model restored / modified / repainted for customer. Fender skirts and visor fabricated and added.
(From the early days... )

'54 Merc. Sun Valley made from Pot Metal. Banthrico promotional hard top model built for local customer as a gift for relative in Ohio.
(From the early days... )

Built for local customer from snap-together Dodge Ram kit, converted to four wheel drive, cap fabricated, model painted to match customer's truck.
(From the early days... but more recent.)
Dodge Dakota Quad Cab modified from Dakota Club Cab snap kit. Built for local customer.
(From the early days... but more recent.)

Original 1964 issue JoHan '64 Plymouth Fury kit repaired, altered, and built for local customer.
1950 Chevrolet PMC promotional repaired, color changed, and details upgraded for local customer.

1950 Divco Milk Truck built for Long Island, NY customer.

1956 Meteor Rideau Victoria (Canadian Ford) built for local customer.

1958 Ford F-350 Tow Truck built for local customer.

1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible built for Albany, NY customer.

AMT '28 Ford Model A Tudor Built for local customer.
AMT Ford C series converted to functional tilt bed, rollback wrecker. Replica of first modern rollback, originally made in Utica, NY in 1958, by local garage


"Inspector Morse" Jaguar Built for local customer from Tamiya MK II kit

Simulated vinyl top added to Tamiya Jaguar MK II

Original 1966 issue Ford Galaxie 7 Litre convertible built for local customer

1963 Buick Electra 225 six window sedan built for
customer, from original 1963 issue AMT 2 door hardtop kit

1955 Corvette,
Built for local customer

1966 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Citation Landau Hearse Built for customer (mortician)


 Kit bashed by Rev. Bob Craig;enhanced by Jim Amado. Resin wheels and tires from AITM

AMT 1958 issued Ford Fairlane Sunliner,
Restored in 2009 for local customer


Dodge Neon Pro Street
Built for local customer

Ford LTL Cement Mixer
Built for North Carolina customer


Built for local customer

Fire Rescue Van built by Dave Lenczewski, one of our customers, from our Resin Step Van Kit


"El Camaro" - Built in 1983. Has appeared in numerous magazines, and won trophies in contests

Chevrolet Block Truck
Built for North Carolina Customer


1935 Auburn Speedster
Showing our resin cast wire wheel / tire set

1940 Plymouth Police Car
Not  a resin body; modified from '41 Plymouth coupe plastic kit, for local customer

Jim Amado: The plastic surgeon, builder, collector, writer.