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August 13, 2019

Aoshima MGB Kits Recently Reissued

Two MGB models, a '60s era and a '70s era, 1/24 scale plastic model kits have been reissued by Aoshima. Kit # 101 represents a '68, with the chrome bumpers and wire wheels; #102 represents a '74 with the extended "rubber" bumpers, and styled steel wheels.

When these MG models were imported and marketed by American Satco decades ago, a resin cast left-hand-drive dashboard was included. Both of these new models are right-hand-drive only. Curiously, the '74 model kit includes the same chrome parts tree as the '68 kit. Consequently, in addition to the correct unplated '74 bumpers and styled wheels, the '74 model also has four chrome wire wheels, and the earlier chrome bumpers. Both kits include a raised convertible top, molded in clear plastic. The '68 also has a top boot, whereas the '74 has, in addition to both the clear top and the top boot, a tonneau cover, which exposes only the driver's seat.

Bodies are molded in flawless white plastic, with gray, clear, and chrome parts, and rubber tires. There are templates for taping off the windows to paint the clear plastic convertible tops, a decal sheet, and photo etch emblems. Hoods (bonnets) do not open; simulated engines are molded to chassis, and are visible underside. Chassis have individual parts, and poseable front wheels. Excellent kits, and other than the Airfix 1/32 scale MGB, the only models of these cars.

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