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Atlantis (Model Company) continues to release some former Revell, and now former Monogram, kits under their own (Atlantis) label. In addition to the 1/48 scale (former Revell) White tanker and Chevy stake, there's the 1/25 scale (former Revell) '57 Cadillac El Dorado Brougham, and more recently in 1/32 scale the (former Monogram) '69 Chevrolet Nova, and '82 Camaro Z-28. Presumably these 1/32 models would be the same great kits they were in their previous lives, with detailed engines, opening hoods, and detailed chassis. They were, and are expected to be, quality, top level kits, despite their smaller size.

In addition, Atlantis now offers heretofore unavailable and non existent window glass for the 1/48 scale White and 1/48 scale Chevy truck kits. While "glass" is included in the Chevy stake truck kit, it was not in the White tanker kit, which was released before the Chevy. Apparently window glass for either kit is now available separately. Atlantis also suggests more vehicle kits are planned for future release.


-Jim Amado, July 2021

page updated 12/22/2023