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The "new" MPC '78 Dodge pickup

The "new" MPC '78 Dodge pickup from Round 2 is available. It is touted as "first time released". That's a qualified statement. MPC did offer a '78 Dodge pickup kit in 1978. Then, kit # 7809 was a long wheelbase sweptline 100 Power Wagon. Yep, it was four wheel drive. It also had Adventurer exterior trim on the body: a thin chrome strip just below the belt line, and a wider chrome band above the rocker panels, which would have had a black insert, or on some models faux wood grain.

The "new" 2019 issued '78 pickup is also a long wheelbase sweptline, but it's a two wheel drive stripper. If you remember the MPC Dodge pulling truck, "Thunders Truck", with the exhaust stacks sticking through the hood? It had a long wheelbase, sweptline body, with plain sides - no chrome. The new '78 kit apparently uses the same body. In addition, Round 2 has included open steel wheels with chrome hub caps - not full wheel covers, and - for some reason - thin line whitewall tires. The engine is a big block V8. The annual '78 kit included an off road motorcycle. The new kit includes a mini bike. Decal sheet includes lawn service, and motorcycle repair, among other items. Nice kit! Good job, Round 2! A superfluous part included in the new 2 wheel drive kit is the 4 wheel drive transfer case; always good to have extra parts


Chevrolet Encore

Also, in a repeat performance, the '60 Chevrolet short wheelbase Custom Fleetside pickup from Round 2 under the AMT label. Includes venerable six cylinder engine, and a go kart. Another nice kit. Optional free useless information: The 2019 issue of this pickup, like its prior release, has the small back window cab. The 1960 annual kit, a long wheelbase fleetside Apache, had the large back light.


-Jim Amado, April 2019

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