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Auto/Truck Sales Literature

PictureMake Part No.Year DescriptionScalePrice
  Acadian  1969  Chevrolet Nova made and sold in Canada. Eight page catalog. Shows models, features, options, specifications, etc.  $12.00 
  Alfa Romeo  1974  Il Quadrifoglio, Italian language Alfa magazine. Anno IX, N.30, Giugno 1974.  $6.00 
  Alfa Romeo  2000  German language Alfa 147 catalog  $4.00 
  Alfa Romeo  2000  German language Alfa 156 catalog.  $4.00 
  American Motors AM-66-5027 1966  Full line highlights catalog. Includes Ambassador, Marlin, Classic, & American.  $16.00 
  American Motors 9-324-556-M-18 1970  Full line highlights catalog. Includes Ambassador, Rebel, Hornet, Javelin, AMX, & Wagons.   $12.00 
  American Motors  1971  Full line highlights catalog. Includes Ambassador, Matador, Hornet, Gremlin, Javelin, AMX  $12.00 
  American Motors 0-324-569-10 1971  Full line catalog. 36 pages. Illustrations, rather than photographs.  $14.00 
  American Motors AMX 7227 Military 1972  Full line catalog. Military sales. Some wear on covers.  $10.00 
  American Motors  1974  "Introducing the 1974 cars" Full line catalog. Different from above catalog. Apparently had been folded in half. Stapled to inner page is hand written sheet pricing Hornet Sportabout , presumably for a prospective customer.   $8.00 
  American Motors 4-2422-845-04 1974  "Introducing the 1974 cars" Full line catalog. Some wear.  $10.00 
  American Motors  1975  Introducing the 1975 passenger cars. 38 page catalog, includes Gremlin, Hornet, & Matador. Front cover shows some wear. shows some wear.  $9.00 
  American Motors 12/74 1975  Introducing the new Pacer...and the 1975 passenger cars. 44page catalog. Slight cover wear.  $9.00 
  American Motors 2/75 1975  New AMC Pacer. Salesman's Guide. 8 pages.  $8.00 
  American Motors 5-2422-845 1975  Introducing the 1975 passenger cars... 16 page auto show handout.  $8.00 
  American Motors 2420-835 1976  The 1976 AMC passenger cars...36 page full line catalog.  $10.00 
  American Motors 6-2422-845-04 1976  The 1976 AMC passenger cars...20 page auto show handout.  $8.00 
  American Motors  1977  There's more to an AMC! 36 page full line catalog.  $10.00 
  American Motors BPPII 1977  Buyer Protection Plan II (Warranty information) folder.  $4.00 
  American Motors 2422-845-09 1978  Full line, accordian style folder. Nice color photos of 13 cars. Smaller photos of four interior/upholstery selections.  $6.00 
  American Motors 9-2422-845-05 1979  Full line, accordian style folder. 12 color photos of various models. 6 photos of interiors.  $6.00 
  American Motors 0-2424-835-01 1980  Full line catalog, 28 pages, includes Pacer, Spirit, AMX, Concord, Eagle 4wd.  $10.00 
  American Motors 0-2424-835-02 1980  American Eagle. The beauty of four wheel drive. 12 page catalog.  $10.00 
  American Motors 1-2424-835-01 1981  Spirit & Concord, 16 page catalog.  $10.00 
  American Motors 1-2424-835-02 1981  Eagle 4 wheel drive models, 16 page catalog. (Includes both Gremlin based models, and Hornet based models).  $10.00 
  american Motors 1C-2424-835-01 1982  32 page full line catalog.  $10.00 
  American Motors 1C-2424-835-02 1982  Spirit & Concord 4 page folder.  $4.00 
  American Motors 1C-2424-835-03 1982  Eagle 4wd 4 page folder.  $4.00 
  american Motors A-7/82 1983  6 page (their page numbering system seems inconsistent) Accessories catalog,  $6.00 
  American Motors 3-2424-835-01 1984  Eagle 14 page catalog  $10.00 
  American Motors/Renault 1-7924-835-01 1981  AMC/Renault (some called the collaboration: Franco-American Motors) LeCar. (Sold in France as the R5). Twelve page catalog. A must have if for no other reason than to marvel at the photo of the LeCar with the three '30s &'40s Chryslers...   $6.00 
  American Motors/Renault 1-7924-835-01 1981  AMC/Renault 18i. Sixteen page catalog.  $8.00 
  Amphicar  60s  The car that swims! Mailer/folder (opens twice)  $15.00 
  Audi W74-999-1009   Audi TT / The vision. Audi TT coupe. Introduction portfolio. Unique item.  $10.00 
  Audi W73-890-6031 1980  The Audi 5000 Series. 8 page catalog.  $8.00 
  Audi W74-888-1101 1988  The Audi Series. Full ,line catalog.  $8.00 
  Audi C-FL-00-007-US 2000  Full line catalog. 49 pages.  $8.00 
  Austin 70819 USA2178/E 1965  Mini Cooper S. 1275cc. Four page folder  $18.00 
  Austin - Healey 1124-D/BW 300-M-9/59 1960  Sprite (Mk. I, or Bug Eye). 2 sided spec. sheet. (Photo on front; specifications on rear.) Approx. 8 1/2 x 11 inches.  $15.00 
  Austin - Healey 1124-E/BW 300M-9/59 1960  3000. Two sided spec. sheet. Approx. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Photo on front; specificationd on rear.  $15.00 
  Austin Healey BMC 3/64 US 50 M 1964  Sprite Mk III. Two sided spec. sheet. Approx. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Photo on front; specifications on rear.  $12.00 
  Austin Healey BW 11/66 US 1967  3000. Two sided spec. sheet. Approx. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Photo on front; specifications on rear.  $14.00 
  Avanti II    Avanti II (NOT Studebaker). 4 page stiff color folder. Two photos of car; nine photos of interior selections. Promotional text, but no specifications , and sparse descriptive information given. Has dealer stamp on cover.  $12.00 
  Berkeley Tech. P.109   The Berkeley Sports with Excelsior (motorcycle) 328 c.c. engine (left hand drive). Used, but useable, copied/typewritten owner's handbook? Gotta be unusual....  $15.00 
  Bertone  80s  Bertone is the Italian coachbuilder (body manufacturer). The car is a Fiat X1/9. This item is a tri fold sheet (opens to Approx. 8 1/2 x 11 inches), printed in Italy. Contains history, features, specifications, and color information. unusual in that it is  $10.00 
  BMW Vol. X No. 6 1979  June 1979 issue, Roundel BMW magazine  $4.00 
  BMW  1985  BMW issued sixty four page booklet: Milestones in History. 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches. 3/16 of an inch thick. Multilingual: German, French, & English. Loaded with photographs, as well as text. Covers autos, motorcycles, aircraft power plants, production faci  $20.00 
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