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Uptown Update 10/8/2014
After thirty five years, we are closing our shop at the end of this month. We will still be available by phone and email. We are not getting out of the hobby; just out of the store. Resin products listed on our site will be available from Jeff Ballard, of Motor City Resin Casters, part of the Detroit Resin Automotive Group. The first items available will be the HD3500 cab, and the step van. Other items will follow as time permits, and will be added to Motor City's existing resin product line.

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Diecast Replica of a 1956 Ford "Blitz Buggy"
(Blitz Buggy's were made in Old Forge,NY)

1978 Dodge W series 4WD wrecker, modified from MPC pickup and Revell Midnight Cowboy wrecker kit.

1951 Chevy Cattle Truck. Cab is resin, rack is kit bashed, chassis is Italeri Opel Blitz.

1936 Dodge Suburban. A Spec Cast die cast model, with the body cut off and replaced with a scratch built, real wood body, crafted by Conrad Jurgens, of Hannacroix, NY.

Showroom, formerly located at 2007 Genesee Street, Utica, NY, closed in 2014. We are out of the shop, and out of our minds, but not out of the hobby. We may still be reached by email: uptownautomotive@mac.com

Please inquire by email or phone with your specific requests. Thank you for your patronage.


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Uptown Automotive
is an Automotive Related, Collector Oriented Hobby Shop, Dealing in Scale Model Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and Automotive Memorabilia. Some items are one of a kind, or may be out of stock from time to time.